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Harvest House Cooling Panels ™ 


Have you ever tried to garden during the hot desert summer season? Probably not.

With the scorching summer heat and associated sun cooked, non producing plants - who would want to?

Well, we have been able to make summer gardening more pleasurable and enjoyable for you…and far more comfortable for your plants. 


Introducing our Harvest House Cooling Panels. 

Our proprietary Cooling Panels help to reduce the harsh sunlight by reducing 80% of harmful UV rays, while dropping the interior  temperature of your Harvest House up to 30 degrees.


As you can see from the images above, the hotter it gets outside, the greater the temperature reduction inside. The cooling panels also help to increase the humidity, which makes for very happy plants!

**All outdoor temperatures have been captured in direct sunlight. 

Each Cooling Panel can be affixed to your Harvest House with just a few wing nuts. They are designed for easy install & easy removal. Just remove them, roll them up and stow them away until the next summer season returns. 


You also have the option of utilizing tensioned, solar powered, automated Cooling Panels that allow you the convenience of opening and closing any one of them - with just the touch of a button.

All of our Cooling Panels carry a 10 year warranty and are designed to last. Made of premium exterior rated solar screen, they have been developed to withstand the harsh desert summer conditions.

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