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Are you in the market for a Louvered Pergola?

See how the Shademaker Compares.

I. Value: 

   The Shademaker is, on average, 10%-50% less than an automated, louvered Pergola (per square foot of coverage). 


II. Visibility: 

   The Shademaker provides virtually unobstructed views (of the sky) when in the

open position. Louvered Pergolas will block a good percentage of the view 

when in the open position. The louvers never go away - they are always there.


III. Sun / Glare Control and Heat Gain 

   The Shademaker provides complete sun & glare control when in the closed 

position. Louvered Pergolas also provide complete sun & glare control in the

closed position. Problem is, louvered Pergolas utilize steel or aluminum louvers  which are thermal conductors of heat. You may have shade - but you will also have more heat gain / thermal conductivity present in the process. 


IV. Simplicity / Portability 

   Louvered Pergolas are typically considered a “permanent” structure. The 

Shademaker is typically a non-permanent or “moveable” structure. In other 

words, it can be moved to a different location (if you happen to change the layout 

of your backyard) or be moved altogether - if you happen to move to another home.


V. Design Aspects

   The two post design of the Shademaker reduces the number of posts / 

obstructions required in order provide a stand alone shading structure. The 

Shademaker can also be utilized as an “attached” extension of your home or 

patio, without the typical four post requirement of a typical pergola. 

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